Analyses & Statistics

In conjunction with zebNet NewsTurbo Analytics Server or zebNet NewsTurbo Analytics Services (sold separately), you can collect extensive analysis and statistics of all your newsletter campaigns so that you can always effectively measure the reach of all your newsletter campaigns.

Create detailed reports of your newsletter campaigns and get a deep insight into the behaviour of your subscribers. Besides collecting all readers and the reading behaviour, NewsTurbo also collects all clicks and the exact click behaviour of your subscribers.

With NewsTurbo you can learn, who has read your newsletter at all and who has not. You can also learn who has clicked on a link in your newsletter and who has not.

Which links were ever clicked in your newsletter and above all, how many times? Does your newsletter have many recurring readers, or does it mainly have unique readers? All this and more is reliably collected for you by NewsTurbo.

Thanks to exact time stamps, you always have the behaviour of your subscribers fully in view and can therefore tailor future campaigns tailored to your subscribers, so you can achieve maximum success with your newsletter campaigns.

Moreover, NewsTurbo collects extensive additional information of your subscribers, such as the browser used, the operating system used and also the language.

To also be able to detect international newsletter campaigns, NewsTurbo also collects the country in which your newsletter was read.

This lets you know at any time when, where and how your newsletter arrives at your subscribers so you get a valuable insight into your newsletter campaigns.