Bounce Back Management

It's not unusual that subscriber addresses become invalid from time to time so every newsletter that is sent to such an invalid email address would result in a bounce back which means it would be a waste of your time and your resources.

Luckily for you and compared to other newsletter software on the market, NewsTurbo can manage such bounce back emails automatically so there is no need for you to manually deactivate or delete invalid email addresses from your mailing lists. This can also be done fully automatically on a schedule.

Since there are several different types of bounce back emails available, you can select which of them should be processed - hard bounces, soft bounces or both.

You can even specify the count of bounce back emails that must be received before NewsTurbo will deactivate or delete the subscriber email address from the mailing list. For example, if you select "After 5 Bounce Messages", NewsTurbo will deactivate or delete the subscriber address from the mailing list after the email server has generated and sent 5 bounce back emails back to you.

For always having an accurate overview of the most recent bounce backs, NewsTurbo displays you the latest bounce backs in a small widget.

NewsTurbo uses a very flexible and powerful bounce back database that detects nearly all kinds of available bounce back emails. If there is ever an unknown bounce back email format that is currently not detected from NewsTurbo, you can simply send us this bounce back email and we will include it for free in the NewsTurbo Bounce Back Database.

Thanks to the integrated advanced email validation feature that can be enabled while your newsletter is being sent, NewsTurbo can even help you to avoid more than 95% of bounce back emails even before they occur.

So you see, managing bounce backs with NewsTurbo is fast, easy and saves you a lot of your time.