Compose Message

The intuitive HTML editor in NewsTurbo allows you to create both HTML as well as plain text newsletters that can then be sent to your subscribers. It has all the formatting features that you already know from your regular HTML editor or Microsoft Word.

Take advantage from a lot of advanced features such as a link checker that actually checks the real status of all your links in your newsletter or a spam check based on SpamAssassin helping you to avoid that your newsletter would be filtered out as a spam message.

Enjoy the ability to import email files, Microsoft Outlook messages, HTML files, text files or even complete websites into the HTML editor so you can use them to compose your newsletter. Even every newsletter that has ever been sent with NewsTurbo can be opened again for composing at a later time.

Not just the import is that easy because you can also export your composed newsletter into several different formats.

Before sending out your newsletter, you can also view a preview of the composed newsletter in an email format so you are able to see the newsletter exactly the way as the subscribers will see it.

Of course you can specify the subject of the newsletter and select the encoding that should be used when composing the newsletter. It is even possible to add attachments to the newsletter.

You can customize the newsletter for each recipient without the need to actually write different messages. This can easily be done by inserting variables into the newsletter.

Each variable is actually a field reference to the subscriber information. Any field name that is available when adding a new subscriber can be inserted as variable and will be replaced with the appropriate value when sending out the newsletter to the subscribers.

For example, if you start your message with "Dear #FirstName# #LastName#..." the recipient "Joe Bloggs" will actually receive "Dear Joe Bloggs..." that makes it incredibly easy to send personalized newsletters to your subscribers.