Feedback Loops (FBL)

NewsTurbo is the first and so far the only email marketing software for your own computer that fully supports all Feedback Loops (FBL) of all email account providers including Yahoo!,, Hotmail and even AOL. In addition to that, NewsTurbo can also handle Vade Retro Safe Unsubscribe requests without any hassles.

NewsTurbo easily allows you to automatically manage complaints you receive through Feedback Loops with no hassles at all so you can maintain your email sender reputation.

Most email account providers give you the possibility to sign up for their Feedback Loop completely for free and you definitively should make use of it. A Feedback Loop is a kind of a feedback system where your subscribers can indirectly get in contact with you to report unsolicited emails.

If one of your subscribers marks your newsletter as spam or junk mail, you will get a notification of it through the Feedback Loop in order to being able to exclude this specific subscriber from all future mailings.

Even if this specific subscriber has signed up for your newsletter by itself and even if there is a possibility to easily cancel the subscription within your newsletter, you should take every complaint very serious and you should remove or unsubscribe this subscriber from all of your mailing lists. Failing to do so will harm your email sender reputation badly.

Email account providers expect from you as email sender that no further messages will be sent to a complained email address. It will definitively harm your email sender reputation with this email account provider in the long term, if you send another message to an already complained email address.

In the worst case, this email account provider will add you to their blacklist so you won't be able to send any email to any other customer of this email account provider.

Once you have been added to the blacklist of an email account provider, it might be a long or impossible process to get removed from the blacklist.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to sign up for the Feedback Loops and to manage all complaints effectively with NewsTurbo so that you don't have to be afraid of getting blacklisted.