NewsTurbo allows you to easily import subscriber details to a mailing list. Either simple files or even complex and delimited files can be imported without any hassles.

You can choose to import data from a local file, from a website via http:// or even from your local clipboard. When choosing to import data from a local file or a website, you can select any .txt, .csv, .htm or .html file as source for the import.

Since importing is not always just adding new addresses to a mailing list, you have the choice what to do with the addresses of the import source. You can add the addresses to your mailing list, remove the addresses from your mailing list or unsubscribe those addresses.

If you want to import a complex or delimited file, you can of course specify the field delimiter and also if the first row contains the field names or not.

Email addresses as well as domain names that are blacklisted, can also be excluded while importing new data so that you can only import those addresses that you really need and that you really want.

In conjunction with the trash email protection feature, you can also exclude known disposable email addresses while importing your data.

So if you need to import your subscribers into NewsTurbo, the import feature is all you need.