Email List Cleaner

It happens quite often that subscriber email addresses become invalid after a while. When managing a large mailing list, it can be a very hard and long process for you to get rid of these invalid email addresses in order to maintain a mailing list that only includes valid email addresses.

To save your time and your resources, NewsTurbo can help you to easily clean up all of your mailing lists by using intelligent features that ensure you only have valid and real existing email addresses in your mailing lists.

Thanks to several different validation levels, you can exactly specify how email addresses should be validated in order to keep just real and existing ones. The more validation levels you select the more accurate results you get.

For example, you can select that a DNS query is performed in order to ensure that an actual email server has been assigned to the domain name of the email address or if it is even a valid domain name but you can also perform a SMTP connection test to the target email server to ensure that the target email server would technically be able to receive your email.

In addition, you can perform a send attempt but without sending an actual message to the target email server and you can select to clean up your mailing list from disposable email addresses.

You can combine any of these validation levels to get the best results.