List Management

Create as many mailing lists you need with as many subscribers you want and take advantage from a lot of advanced list management features. Working with multiple mailing lists has never been easier before.

Even if you have millions of subscribers you can add them to your mailing lists without any problems thanks to a robust technology developed by zebNet that doesn't know any limitation.

You have the possibility to copy your lists, merge two lists into one single one or even to print a list. For your convenience, you can also specify the subscribers that should be displayed - all subscribers, only subscribed subscribers or only unsubscribed subscribers.

With NewsTurbo you can access an advanced filter builder where specific rules to sort or filter subscribers can be built and it also includes a feature that allows you to automatically search for duplicated subscribers in all your mailing lists.

Of course, a regular search feature that can search one mailing list or even all available mailing lists is also available.

If you ever need to manually unsubscribe a subscriber from a mailing list, you have the possibility to do this quick and easy with the Quick Unsubscribe feature - for one list or even for all available lists at once.

With NewsTurbo you can even send notifications to your subscribers that confirm the subscription or unsubscription request and you can add email addresses as well as domain names to a blacklist.

If you send a newsletter to your subscribers, you can include an unsubscription link into the newsletter so your subscriber can easily cancel its subscription. To make this even more comfortable for your subscriber, you can specify whether the subscriber has to send an email to you or if he or she should visit a website to cancel its subscription.

If you choose to let the subscriber visit a website, you can create a web form for this purpose with the Web Form Generator that is included in NewsTurbo.

Every subscriber that is added to a mailing list has its own user card where you can add many additional information. So you can add the whole address details of the subscriber and you can add a note for the subscriber.

When entering the address details for a subscriber, you are also able to view a map of the subscriber address.

Furthermore, the user card of the subscriber also includes a history where every newsletter that has ever been sent to especially this subscriber is listed - properly sorted by mailing list.