Scheduled Tasks

NewsTurbo makes it incredibly easy to automate your regular newsletter activities. So you can schedule any composed newsletter to send it automatically to your subscribers at a specific date and time.

This way you can for example automatically send seasonal newsletters to your subscribers or just send the same newsletter to all new subscribers in the list.

The scheduling feature offers you practical options to decide when your newsletters should be sent.

Not just the sending of a newsletter can be scheduled but you can also schedule when to automatically download new subscribers, when to manage bounce back emails or when to manage complaints that were received by a Feedback Loop (FBL).

This way you can save a lot of time when scheduling your regular newsletter activities.

The best of all - Running a scheduled task is an automatic process that will be executed no matter if NewsTurbo is started or not. After creating a scheduled task, you just have to ensure that your computer is running at the given date and time.