Send Message

You can send your newsletter with any email address through SMTP or even without the need to actually have an email address by sending it via Direct Send. Advanced timing options such as a pause between messages can also be specified.

Every additional feature that you already know from your regular email client is also available in NewsTurbo, such as requesting a delivery receipt, requesting a read receipt, specifying a priority or the sensitivity, adding a signature and much more. If necessary, you can also add additional headers to the newsletter.

Advanced options that are very useful especially for newsletters are also available. So you can include the List-Unsubscribe Header, specify the Content-Transfer-Encoding as well as the Xmailer text and an expiry date for the newsletter.

Setting an expiry date is actually very useful when sending limited time offers to your subscribers because the newsletter will be flagged as expired on the recipients' system after the specified date is reached.

With NewsTurbo you can also make all your newsletters online readable for your subscribers so that they can simply read it with their web browser by simply clicking on a link in the actual newsletter. You might already know this feature from newsletters you get. Most of those newsletters contain a link like "View as a web page" or something else - That's exactly this feature.

You can also specify the recipients that actually should receive the newsletter so you are able to choose if all of your subscribers should receive the newsletter or just all new subscribers that have been subscribed recently.

In addition, you can also just send the newsletter to those subscribers that are present in the mailing list for at least a specific amount of days.

To make your newsletter even more professional and to build trust with your subscribers, you can digitally sign the newsletter through S/MIME.

Additionally, NewsTurbo allows you to sign outgoing messages by using DomainKeys and/or DKIM so recipients can check the domain signature to verify that the message really comes from your domain and that it has not been changed along the way.

Every sent newsletter is saved in the history so you always have a detailed overview sorted by list or subscriber.