Subscriber Management

Managing your subscribers to keep your mailing lists always up to date can be done fast, easy and automatically with NewsTurbo.

Each of your mailing lists can be associated with an email account so all you need to keep your mailing lists up to date is a POP3 email account where the subscriber will send its request to.

If someone sends an email to this email account with "Subscribe" in the subject, he or she will be added to the mailing list. On the other side, if someone who is currently subscribed sends an email to this email account with "Unsubscribe" in the subject, he or she will be removed from the mailing list.

To keep your mailing lists automatically up to date, NewsTurbo downloads all new emails from the POP3 account, verifies the subject and updates the associated mailing list. This can also be done fully automatically on a schedule.

To avoid that an email is processed more than once, NewsTurbo saves the unique message ID of every processed message in the application database. This helps you to save time and resources when managing the subscriptions because any email that was already downloaded and processed before will be skipped on the next download process.

Since it might be less comfortable for your subscribers to manually send emails to the email account, you can make it more comfortable for them by creating a web based subscription form that automatically sends an email to your email address. The easiest way to do this is by using the Web Form Generator that is included in NewsTurbo but you can also do this with your own forms.

If you want to do so, you can let NewsTurbo delete every processed email from the email account which helps you to keep your inbox clean. You can even collect any other subscriber information such as first name, last name etc. within a request email.

So if the subscriber "" sends an email to your email account with subject "Subscribe" and content "#FirstName#=Joe", he will be added to the mailing list with his email address "" and his first name "Joe".

This makes it incredibly easy for you to collect personal data from the subscriber that can then later be used to send personalized emails to the subscriber. This feature is highly recommended if you use web based subscription forms where the subscriber enters its information.

Email addresses as well as domain names that are blacklisted, can also be excluded while downloading new subscribers so that you can only add those subscribers to your mailing list that you really want.

In conjunction with the trash email protection feature, you can also decide to ignore subscription requests from all known disposable email addresses so you always have an accurate mailing list only with real email addresses.

NewsTurbo can also automatically create subscription and unsubscription links that can easily be included into your website or in your email signature. For always having an accurate overview of the most recent actions, NewsTurbo displays you the latest subscriptions and unsubscriptions in two small widgets.

So you see, managing your subscribers with NewsTurbo is fast, easy and saves you a lot of your time.