Trash Email Protection

NewsTurbo can help to protect you effectively from disposable email addresses (Trash Email) in several different ways.

For example, you can decide to include all known disposable email addresses or all known disposable email address providers to the blacklist.

This way you make sure, your newsletters won't be sent to those addresses or that such addresses are not even allowed to subscribe to your newsletter.

In addition, you always have the possibility to check specific email addresses and/or specific domain names to learn if that is a disposable email address or if it is a domain name from a known disposable email address provider.

You always should consider disposable email addresses as invalid and to save your time, your resources as well as your money, you should avoid to send your newsletters to those addresses because they normally will never been seen and those email addresses are normally already non-existent at the time of your newsletter sending.

This features uses a zebNet managed and highly reliable disposable email address database that is updated on a regular basis and that already has thousands of entries of all known disposable email address providers.

All email addresses and domain names that are included in this database have been hand-picked by us so you can be sure that there are only those addresses included, that are really from disposable email address providers.