Web Form Generator

NewsTurbo easily allows you to automatically create web based subscription and unsubscription forms that can be used on your web server.

With a web form, your customers can manage their newsletter subscription directly on a web site so there is no need for them to manually send you an email with a subscription or unsubscription request. This is very comfortable for your customers.

The web form generator gives you the choice what kind of web form should be created so you can select between creating a subscription form, an unsubscription form or even one form for both purposes.

Since there are many different kinds of web servers available, you can also select exactly the application framework you need - PHP, ASP.NET 2.0 or ASP.NET 4.0 which makes it incredibly easy for you to create web forms for nearly each web server configuration.

To comply with the law and other regulations, you can choose between an unconfirmed opt-in which complies with the US CAN-SPAM Act or a confirmed opt-in which complies with the European Directive 2002/58/EC.

An unconfirmed opt-in actually means that the user can simply enter its email address and hitting the submit button in order to get subscribed or unsubscribed. This way no confirmation from the user is required in order to subscribe the user to the mailing list or to cancel its subscription.

A confirmed opt-in actually means that the user gets a confirmation email where a confirmation link to confirm the request is included. No action will be executed if the user doesn't click the confirmation link.

So if you have the need to create web based subscription or unsubscription forms that complies with your local law, the web form generator in NewsTurbo is all you need.