When purchasing NewsTurbo, you don't have to worry about which edition to buy because you can upgrade to a higher NewsTurbo edition at any time without losing money by trading in your current NewsTurbo license. This way NewsTurbo can grow with your company and your company needs.

For example, if you decide to purchase NewsTurbo Basic for £29.99 but your company needs changes and requires a more feature rich NewsTurbo edition e.g. NewsTurbo Standard which costs £79.99, you can simply trade in your NewsTurbo Basic license meaning you will be able to get NewsTurbo Standard for £50.00 when placing your upgrade order.

You can trade in every NewsTurbo license at any time so it is even possible to upgrade multiple times e.g. from NewsTurbo Basic to NewsTurbo Standard to NewsTurbo Pro etc. without losing any money because when you decide to upgrade, we will always give you the money back from your previous NewsTurbo license.

Upgrading your NewsTurbo edition is easy and requires few simple steps. Just start NewsTurbo and navigate to the file menu. Then select "Help -> Software Updates" and a new window is displayed where you can upgrade your current NewsTurbo edition to a higher one by clicking the "Upgrade" button.

You will then be forwarded to an upgrade form where you can select the new NewsTurbo edition you need and where you can place your upgrade order. While placing your upgrade order, the full amount of your current NewsTurbo license will be deducted from the amount of the new NewsTurbo edition so you only pay the difference.

Please note: Trading in your license means you will get a discount for your upgrade order of the full value of your current NewsTurbo license. It doesn't mean that we will transfer you actual money. Please keep that in mind.